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BYOT Update and Clarification
Big Walnut Parents:
As we have gathered feedback regarding the new “Bring Your Own Technology” to school initiative that we have launched this year, we would like to provide some clarification:
  • In the past, there were rules in the district that prohibited students from bringing these types of items to campus. However, we know that a lot of families do let their students bring devices.
  • With the new guidance, students are permitted to bring devices to campus if used responsibly and appropriately.
We are a school district committed to inspiring and guiding students to their maximum potential. This could include the use of 21st Century technology education. As we launch the 2012-2013 school year, we are working to provide opportunities for students to expand learning through the appropriate use of technology. When technology is used in a lesson, the teacher will provide all students technology for their use and students may use their own.
In order to implement a “Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)” initiative to the Big Walnut Local Schools, the Board of Education supports a policy to enable students to bring various forms of technology to school. As a district, our goal is to establish guidelines and expectations to utilize devices that students are currently bringing to campus, while continuing to offer technology to all students when incorporated into a classroom activity or lesson.
The beginning of this initiative is part of our commitment to innovation district-wide; we are always working to introduce new educational opportunities to enhance the learning environment for your child (BYOT).
Myth vs. Truth
Myth: Do I need to purchase a new technology for my student?
Truth: Absolutely not. We are in no way recommending that parents purchase a device for their student to bring to school. We are asking all teachers to set clear expectations for student use of technology in the classroom. The teacher will continue to supply access to existing electronic resources for all students.
Myth: I heard my students e-mail will be tracked. Is that true?
Truth: No, however, students are expected to use the Big Walnut
Schools’ open Guest Network, which provides safe, fast, filtered, secure internet access. Just as your family secures access to provide safeguards for your children, the district’s wish is to protect our students; we are committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment.
Basics: Bring Your Learning Technology
  • If a teacher is using technology in a classroom lesson or activity, all students will be provided access to necessary devices. If you, as a parent, decide to allow your student to bring a personal learning device on campus, it is permitted and the teacher will have the final say if it’s allowable to use in that particular class or lesson.
  • Our goal is the safety of all students. By using the district Guest Network, we can provide safe Internet access for all students.
  • Students who choose to bring their own technology are responsible for that equipment and must accept that responsibility.
If you have any questions, please feel free to direct those to Wayne Thompson, Director of Technology at waynethompson@bwls.net.
With appreciation,
Steve Mazzi, Superintendent and
Wayne Thompson, Director of Technology

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