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Mazzi gains teaching experience

During a teacher and staff meeting at the beginning of the school year held to lay the groundwork for the year ahead, district superintendent Steve Mazzi drew a name from bowls with each building’s staff in them.

“The name I drew got the day off, and I would work their shift whether it was a teacher or a custodian or a secretary,” Mazzi said last week surrounded by Big Walnut Elementary School third grade students. “When they called the chip in, I had to do their job for the day, they got the day off, and they didn’t have to use vacation time or personal time.”

Mazzi was at BWE because he had drawn third grade teacher Karen Snyder’s name, and she called her chip in – Mazzi was a third grade teacher for the entire day, teaching a social studies module about Congress, the president, and Supreme Court.

One student said that Mazzi was kind of a tough teacher. “He makes you get it right,” the student said. “But he's really nice.”

Asked what he learned during his daylong tenure as a third grade teacher Mazzi said it’s how elementary teachers are constantly busy.
“It's nonstop on the go,” Mazzi said. “They don't switch classrooms like in middle school or high school, so you don't even get that break. It's very rejuvenating, and tiring at the same time.”

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