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Golden Eagle Mentor

CONGRATULATIONS to the  2018 Golden Eagle Mentor Award recipients. The Golden Eagle Mentor Award is an annual award sponsored by Roush Honda and Big Walnut Local Schools.  This award recognizes staff and community members who selflessly serve at an extraordinary level.  We are grateful for their outstanding performance and dedication to our district!

Susan LeMaster                                Steve Link
Ora Cagle                                            Tori Blazer
Christina McDonough                     Kathleen Kildoo          
Tony Eisnnicher                                Meg Wion
Mary Pisano                                       Chung Woodruff
Cara Sutton                                         Jody Grieger
Sylvia Johnson                                    Maria Tarney
Shea Spak                                            Laura Gallo
Tiffany VonAlmen                             Amy Marshall

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