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Superintendent: Overcrowding, Safety Led to Nov. 7 Ballot Issue

Our schools are off to another great start and we are so fortunate to have a supportive community and wonderful, professional teachers and staff. Coming into this school year, what remains the single most significant issue facing our schools is the overcrowding and student enrollment growth. Quite simply, it is THE single biggest issue facing our schools.

During the summer months, the board of education voted to officially place a combined bond and levy issue on the Tuesday, November 7 ballot for voters. This came after months of consulting with members of the community and finding a solution that reflects the needs of the district.

It is now that I ask members of the community to become informed about what our needs are, and what the ballot issue entails. Safety concerns - from not enough space in the basement for tornado drills at the high school to not having enough room on stairwells between classes - are real and impact our students every day.

We face overcrowding concerns throughout the district, and it is not just something that is out on the future horizon; it’s here. There are already many examples in each building that have resulted from increased enrollment - from lack of classroom space to a deficiency in restroom stalls, to the need to house more supplies to keep up with the extra students and not having the required space.

In addition to providing larger spaces for an expanding student body, this issue would provide funds to improve the security of our buildings and add necessary technology to help meet the needs of a modern education.

Our district has exhibited a track record of managing our tax dollars and budget well. We have offered an excellent education with a lower tax rate than nearly all the other school systems in the area, spending less per pupil than the state average. We have great teachers and staff who work hard to inspire and guide our students every day.

We have shown an ability to make the most of every dollar, whether it be intended for the classroom or, in this case, to construct facilities that fit the needs of our students.

Please take the time between now and November to learn about our needs. You can schedule a time to look at the schools, email any questions or concerns to facilitymatter@bwls.net or call my office 740-965-8953.

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