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Golden Eagle Mentor Award Recipients
RoushCONGRATULATIONS to the  2019 Golden Eagle Mentor Award recipients. The Golden Eagle Mentor Award is an annual award sponsored by Roush Honda and Big Walnut Local Schools.  This award recognizes staff and community members who selflessly serve at an extraordinary level.  We are grateful for their outstanding performance and dedication to our district!  

Andrea Kavalieros                        Awny Kingsley                 Robert McFarling
Nicole Leinweber                          Shannon Buckler            Carol Burchett
Ashley Hefner                               Jon Couser                     Dawn Halbakken
In Memory of Julie Krous              Larry Leach                    Meghan Vituccio
Karen Snyder                                Koby Donohue               Megan Everitt
The Rox Facilitators                      Red Edwards                 Mary Kay Pohlschneider
(Corry Schull, Molly Fortune, Megan Duran, Ginna Crawford & Chelsea Heban)